Print kaleidoscopes in rectangles for
unique trays or in circles to create
decoupage plates.

Coordinate tables settings with a
custom kaleidoscope candle wrap.
Create stunning original kaleidoscope artwork for your home or

Search your local discount and thrift shops for frames and
replace the artwork with your own original designs.
Dazzling Reflections offers several templates to
design beautiful lanterns and ornaments.
embossing powder to give it
that wet look.  To view a
video of this technique click

Using another template from the
Autumn Splendor template pack
I made a mat to hold a candle.
Luminary Fall Candle Cups available
from our "Cuttable Creations Line.

Click image for more details.
Use "printable fabric" to make unique
kaleidoscope prints to incorporate into your
quilt projects.

Great way to make original table toppers,
table runners, and art quilts.