Project Examples - click each frame for a closer look
Here's what's on the CD - click each frame for a closer look
This collection contains 10 digital kaleidoscope frames with a
transparent, soft, blended center giving your photos a professional look!

These images are in .png format, 300dpi, and measure 3”.

We've done all the work for you!  Using any graphics program simply
place your photo behind the frame and see it blend in perfectly.

Watch the video tutorial to see how it's done:
PhotoShop 7 or Digital Scrapbook Artist 2
Also available on YouTube: PhotoShop 7 or Digital Scrapbook Artist 2
The above mentioned software programs are not included with purchase.
NOT for commercial use
Please note:  This is a mini collection
and is different from Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.
There are 10 KaleidoFrames in this
If you enjoy digital scrapbooking you will love KaleioFrames, simply load them into your graphics
program like any other digital image then place a photo behind the frame.  You can also print them
out and use in traditional paper scrapbooking.

Below are a couple of digital scrapbook pages created in PhotoShop Elements 10.

To view a video on how to compose a digital scrapbook page in PhotoShop Elements 10 click here
the video uses a KaleidoFrame from the Spring collection but the process is the same for any of the
KaleidoFrames collections.  To view on Youtube click
Use the KaleidoFrames to make unique cards or place
setting cards for your Thanksgiving table.